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At Kitchen & Bath Design Centerwe know that putting custom cabinets in your kitchen or bath is a great investment in not only the re-sale value of your home, but also the practicality of the room. Custom cabinets, unlike the ready-made stock variety, can be built to your exact specifications. This comes in quite handy in utilizing every inch of the space your kitchen design has to offer.


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Likewise, in bathroom designs, plumbing fixtures such as bathtubs, showers, sinks, and toilets are all large stars of the show, so they must be worked around. Moving plumbing fixtures is much more difficult and costly than building the bathroom cabinets around them. Hence the reason why it is a wise alternative to invest in custom bathroom cabinetry from Kitchen & Bath when you are completing a bathroom remodel in New York. Our cabinet installers will help you save time and money on your bathroom remodeling project with our bathroom cabinets custom installed to suit your needs.

We deal direct with our wholesale Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet manufacturers for the best price and selection.

The hardware, such as knobs and pulls, can be unique in order to complement the design statement you wish to make. Knobs and pulls come in varying metals, glass, ceramic or plastic. They can be simple or ornate, plain or engraved. These make for a great additional detail in any bathroom or kitchen design, and as such a affordable cost, especially when you choose to get your bathroom and kitchen cabinetry from the selection our company supplies. We deal exclusively with Top Knobs.



Our specialty is alterations and renovations, the complete kitchen including electric, plumbing, ceramic tile, hardwood floors, drywall and appliance installations.

Please give some thought as to the extent of the renovation and we will review the items you may want including: structural changes, flooring, recessed lighting, under-cabinet lighting, toe kick heaters, crown moldings, light rails and trims, new windows and doors, ventilation for stove, relocation of appliances or sink, tiling of backsplash.

Our cabinet installers have been working with us for over 20 years. They have over twenty years of experience as carpenters and installers. They can provide you with the expertise needed to properly install your cabinetry and moldings.

Please make sure that you review in detail the scope of the work so that there are no misunderstandings on what is included and what is an extra. It is recommended that approximate start dates are scheduled in advance with the installers for a smooth transition and on-time results. Feel free to call our Westchester kitchen design and bathroom remodeling experts for any questions or concerns you may have regarding our cabinetry selection or installation process.

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About Cabinet Options

Ask us about the many options available to you when selecting your cabinets.  We offer flexible options and extensive styles from full overlay to standard overlay to flush inset options.

Some of our manufacturers offer thousands of door styles in many finishes, including standard, opaque and glaze.  Think about distressing your cabinets or adding an “antique sandoff” finish. Distressing, rub thru, and wear sand are all techniques that can be used to make your kitchen unique

There are numerous wood species to choose from and varying thickness in materials.  When it comes to color we can help navigate the many options available from over 148 Standard Stain combinations, 85 standard paint color combinations and Custom Paint Match.

The construction of your doors and drawers allow for the latest in building technology including Full Extension and Soft Close Drawer standard. Pushed gently or with force, Blumotion will close a drawer softly and silently every time. Full-extension hardware is ergonomic and maximizes storage space.

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